Esattezza, or Esa, is the internet persona of a graduate student struggling to become a scientist (geneticist) in the baffling world of American medical schools. The word Esattezza, roughly translated from Italian, can be taken here to mean exactitude, accuracy, faithfulness, or truth.

Scaling an Ivory Tower is Esa’s effort to document the process of becoming a scientist, both in title and in spirit. In these pages, you are as likely to find a poem as a link to an article from some high impact journal. Topics will include advice (and rantings) from Esa about the graduate school process, as well as discussions of science, pseudoscience, and everything in between.

To the right, you will find Esa’s posts discussing the lessons she learns about entering and surviving in the world of science, her musings on recent science in the media, and the occasional rant that is bound to occur when too much science (or, more likely, pseudoscience) makes Esa’s head explode.


This is a personal blog. The statements made here reflect only the opinions of the author, and should not be taken as the position of insitutions or persons with which the author is affiliated. Furthermore, it should be understood that the author does not necessarily espouse comments made by others on this site.

A note from Esa:

I make every attempt to provide accurate, referenced information. If I say something that is demonstrably false, please contact me about it and I will make changes. However, do not expect me to make these changes because the truth, as decided by scientific evidence, does not fit with your worldview – I won’t.

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