Esa, on IMFAR and the Return of Autism Awareness Month

April 1, 2010

Well, it’s April once again – Autism Awareness Month as it was when I decided to begin this blog. The next 30 days are sure to be full of a great deal of exciting news in the autism world, as well as many heated battles as I beat back pseudoscience in the field one blog post at a time.

For today though, there will be no battles, just one piece of very exciting news I have to share. Yours truly has been awarded an IMFAR travel grant by the Autism Science Foundation. This means that, thanks to the kind people at the ASF and despite my status as a poor graduate student, I will be able to attend what I have always thought of as the most reputable autism science conference of the year (certainly better than the Autism One conference scheduled to take place the week before… oops, I said no battles today). The conference will take place May 20th-22nd in Philadelphia, and I am totally over the moon about it. Of course, a condition of my receiving the ASF grant was that I share what I learn there with all of you, so be prepared for some cutting-edge research discussion here at the end of May.

~ Esa


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