Esa, on Rebirth

March 26, 2010

This feels a bit like walking into a confessional and preparing to utter “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned”. Interesting that I should feel trepidation and associate it with this, as I have not been to confession since the sacrament was required of me by my family, at an age before I could fully comprehend it. Nonetheless, though I have counted myself an atheist (or something akin to one) for nearly a decade, the old Catholic guilt lives on.

And so I ask: Forgive me reader, for I have failed you. It has been nearly nine months since my last post. My promise to chronicle the graduate school experience has failed in a big way, as I have neglected to share the all-important beginning. But soon that beginning comes to a close, classes and lab rotations end, and my blogging begins anew. Much has changed since I last wrote here, and I look forward to sharing my experiences of the past school year with you in the weeks and months ahead.




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