Esa, on… Rush Limbaugh?

May 20, 2009

First, I will warn you: this post has nothing to do with graduate school or science. Second, I’m sorry I have been neglecting my blogging duties. I actually just had my college graduation last week and have been packing to move off to graduate school. (Fine, you caught me, I wasn’t officially a graduate student when starting this blog – but I will be in a matter of weeks! Woohoo!)

So… Rush Limbaugh…

For anyone who has been living under a rock and doesn’t know who Rush Limbaugh is, the abridged version is that he’s a conservative radio talk show host, give or take a few profanities. This isn’t meant to be a political blog, but I may as well tell you my biases up front. I would call myself conservative if conservative and Christian were not so often expected to go hand in hand in this country. I have a very conservative view of fiscal policy and on any social policy stemming from it, but tend to side with democrats on the so-called “major social issues’ (i.e. stem cell research, abortion, gay rights). Bottom line: Rush and I don’t much get along.

What has he done to warrant his own post? On his show yesterday, Mr. Limbaugh challenged MSNBC to go one month without mentioning his name, saying:

It seems that the liberalism that is MSNBC isn’t selling as well as they would like because they cannot… go any appreciable length of time without showing video of me…or having a bunch of hack guests on to discuss me.

He taunts the network further, adding:

Let’s see if you can run your little TV network for 30 days without doing a single story on me, and then let’s take a look your ratings during those 30 days and see what happens.

Personally, I think the network should begin referring to him as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” somehow, it seems fitting. But seriously, I take issue with this entire scenario.

Mr. Limbaugh, outrageous as you are, are you that surprised that your opponents would target you regularly? After all, you give them plenty of ammunition. More importantly, what you are suggesting is equivalent to an act of censorship. If, for one month MSNBC does not mention you, that is just one less outlet for people who regularly refute your claims. The interesting statistic from all of this will not be found in your predicted decline MSNBC’s ratings, but rather in what I predict will be a decrease in whatever limited amount of fact-checking you do before shooting your mouth off.


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