Autism Awareness: Part II: Awake in a Field of Lies

April 27, 2009

The next morning they wake to a man who claims
That those in the tower made their children that way.
And, though he, himself, is ivory-built,
Some parents believe he is free from all guilt.
They rush at the tower again, this time armed,
With the limited study, with which they were charmed
By this man who has made them a part of his game,
For he has much to gain if they bring about change.

Those in the tower took the small study in stride,
But spoke to the fear in these parents’ eyes:
“Although we don’t think there is cause for concern,
We will do our own studies so you may be assured.”
Perform studies, they did, and of a grand scale,
Each refuted the first, but to no avail.
The damage was done; the world had lost trust,
Claiming these findings were clouded by lust
For the money that some thought there was to be gained
By backing the companies that cause children pain.
Talk of conspiracy rang from the tops of the trees:
“It is a conflict of interest to put parents at ease
When companies lobby the state, which provides
Funding to science to feed the public its lies.”

The man was a hero for rousing parents to action.
Then the papers uncovered what had really happened.
Lawyers had funded his research, you see,
In an effort to sue those big companies,
And now the man, of whom everyone spoke,
May be facing having his license revoked.
Yet, somehow, these parent-warriors don’t mind –
Any study is perfect if they like what it finds.

Creative Commons License
Autism Awareness by Esattezza is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

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